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Some Feedback From Clients

Deep blue sea"I wasn’t sure what to expect when Sally suggested using the OldPain2Go®  technique to help with the arthritis pain in my thumbs.  However Sally explained everything very clearly to me and after she had used the technique, I was amazed to find that the pain had gone!  Since the session I have also had fewer headaches than usual too!  I cannot recommend Sally highly enough.  She has a lovely calm manner and immediately puts you at ease, whilst remaining professional at all times.  I would also highly recommend the OldPain2Go® technique - it really does work!"  AR  Pain


“I came with a huge amount of tension in my body, pain in both knees and in my neck. We spoke about problems that have haunted me over many years and I never realised all the connections that Sally helped me put together. The process was weird – but in a good way! At the end of the session I felt an amazing sense of release and zero pain in my knees and only slight pain in my neck – less than one – almost gone.”  SR  Pain


"Hi Sally, Hope you are well. Just to let you know that I am getting on fine with my preparations for my big day on (date) thanks to you and your recording. Have just listened to it again for relaxation purposes. Thanks again. Best wishes (KG) xx" Performance


Sally was amazing!! She made me feel so at ease throughout the whole session and explained everything very clearly too me. My anxiety had gotten so bad over the years I could never be a passenger in anyone’s car and with the fantastic help from Sally I am now able to sit in everyone’s car. I would definitely recommend Sally to anyone. She has massively helped me and she is the loveliest person ever! Thank you Sally”  Anxiety


“I found (Sally) to be welcoming, friendly and the consummate professional. I discussed my concerns with her and we chatted for around an hour. The methods Sally used has cured my ‘habit’ and I have no desires to lapse back into it. I am incredibly impressed by the outcome and also Sally’s care and dedication. I would without any doubt recommend Sally Howard Hypnotherapy.”   GM  Nail Bitting


Sally is so lovely! Very talented and most of all cares so much about helping people! She’s always so willing to help and has really helped me out of difficult times.”    JH  Self Esteem


“Dear Sally, I’m finally putting pen to paper to say thank you so much for all help you gave me to lose weight and get my “Bikini Body”. You gave me the power to change my eating habits and view myself in a more positive way. I can’t thank you enough and would readily recommend you to anyone wanting to make a positive change to their life”    HV  Weight Reduction


Thank you so much for everything you have done! I’m feeling just a lot happier than I have for a very long time so thank you!!”   AS  Anxiety


“Sally! 2 races and no headaches! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! The hypnosis is obviously helping. You are a complete star x”    LB  Migraine 


“Sally has a very calm and soothing voice, which instantly places you at ease. As a fellow professional, I know she cares a great deal about her clients and her passion to deliver positive change shines through.”    DH


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