Problems and issues hypnotherapy can help

There is no easy list to scroll through here as hypnotherapy can help so many people in so many ways with so many different issues the list would be either too long or incomplete.

If there is something you want to improve on, something you aspire to, something you want to stop doing, or if you need help to achieve your goals and ambitions, to improve your health, your wellbeing, your relationships or even to improve your sporting abilities then it is possible that hypnotherapy could be a way forward to improving your future.

Examples of issues that I might help clients with would be weight reduction, habit breaking such as smoking or nail biting, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, phobias, pain management, sleeping problems, self-confidence, exam nerves - but this is looking too much like a list!

Helping young (and older) people with anxiety and panic attacks have proved very successful. When a person's life has closed down to such an extent that they have stopped going out with their friends and even the thought of a small family outing brings on a panic attack, who wouldn't want to help? To see the profound effect hypnotherapy had on a young lad was like watching him come back to life - with a smile!

Also working with trauma using EMDR (Eye Movement De-sensitisation Reprogramming) is quite amazing. Reducing the effects of trauma so effectively without the client having to trawl through every detail - it's not about removing the memory but detaching the feelings connected to the event.

Then, of course, there is weight reduction or stopping smoking - they are not just about making those changes, they are empowering, improving health and self-esteem.

Whatever changes you want to make in your life, hypnotherapy may be the help you are looking for to achieve your goals. Being client led and tailored to the client’s needs, my hypnotherapy sessions really could help you in so many ways. Why not have a chat and find out if I can help you with your problem?

Make the first step towards improving your future!

Disclaimer - Please note results may vary.

Appointments are usually at my consultation room in Cranleigh which is up two flights of stairs. Home visits within 12 miles of Cranleigh may be possible.

Please contact me for more information or to make an appointment.